Achvana is the result of an interdisciplinary effort to offer an innovative and different “service” for children, adolescents, and their families. The name Achvana was created by the team in an intent to name our organization and to define its goals. Achvana is a word that combines diagnosis with orientation.


… is devoted to studying, supporting, and working with children who show difficulties in physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development.


… proposes a personalized, complete, and respectful intervention for each person, on a case by case basis, at a given moment and taking into consideration the past and present circumstances of the subject’s life.


… offers a  family intervention that is, at the same time, integral and systematic, and completely individualized and personal. With this in mind, a psichodiagnosis is reached by utilizing information obtained from normative tests and using all the necessary methods for an investigation of the structure of the subject’s personality, the family structure, and the socio-educational structure.


… develops an integral guideline. Through observation and dialogue, multiple detailed interviews with the family as a whole, and individually with each member, as well as through interviews with teachers, educators, and others involved in the development of each subject, a focalized orientation is reached: Achvana.

Achvana’s orientation is not just a recommendation, but rather a prolonged and joint work process; a process that is at the same time an analysis and a therapeutic process; a team work effort with the child and the family, and if necessary with other persons involved in the development of the child. The goal of this comprehensive process is  to reach the point of comprehension and to develop conclusions which indicates the direction to obtain the optimal change and the welfare of the subject.

The Achvana process begins with an initial interview with the parents in which the problem is presented and the parents’ expectations are compared with Achvana’s work proposals. This process is continued and expanded with different evaluations,  psychotherapy interventions , and interviews with psychologists, therapists, social workers, psychoanalysts and family therapists.

Each case is studied by the interdisciplinary team. Once the team reaches its conclusions and formulates a plan guide, interviews are carried out with the family in order to assure that the indications and proposals are understood and assumed.


… offers the following services:

A systematic and individualized evaluation process that includes:

■      Normative evaluation
■      Psycho-clinical evaluation
■      Interviews
■      Observation
■      Consultations
■      Background history and document review


can provide the following services to imigrant families and families in process of relocation.

.Support during transition, finding the right educational setting for children
.Providing the know-how of the school system in Israel to new families
 Consulting with school administration, teachers, others to ensure the child does not fall through the attention
In case of need – Providing psychoeducational evaluations for the school system..Orientation


The Achvana team meets with families in Tel Aviv as well as in Jerusalem and Modiin.

When and in which situations is it recommended to attend Achvana?

The families that come to Achvana do so for diverse reasons, which include problems that youngsters have adapting in school, behavioral problems, clinical or developmental concerns, difficulty in adapting to certain transitions and/or dealing with special specific circumstances, and more.

Problematics experienced during adolescence  such:   identity/self esteem/relational problems with the parents/social anxiety/ behavior in class… Further, the answer or guide is specially tailored for the youngster as a unique individual.

Achvana’s leadership is made up of the following people:

   Ana Guelman: Specialized clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst

   Maya Goldman: Clinical social worker and psychotherapist

For more information , please contact Ana Guelman 03-6437991